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Since 1970, the US Dollar has lost 80% of its value, destroying the savings of millions of people and creating a generation burdened by financial uncertainty in the process. The culprit? Unchecked money printing by central banks. Bitcoin offers a solution. Governed by mathematics, not politics, it’s a system that can’t be inflated or corrupted. Countries like El Salvador have adopted it; major companies like Tesla are considering it and small businesses worldwide are accepting it. The future is unfolding, and those prepared stand to benefit from Bitcoin’s monumental growth. Our mission is to help accelerate the advent of Bitcoin, and unlock a new age of financial empowerment through education.

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Best Bitcoin book for beginners

Supercharge your bitcoin education with the book that convinced billionaire businessman Michael Saylor to invest $425 million in Bitcoin and convert his company MicroStrategy to the Bitcoin standard.

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous
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